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Gabe Lopez, Las Vegas local Stand Up Comic and Comedy Producer who just re-signed with the Southpoint Resort and Casino to continue producing The Dirty at 12:30 Show through 2017. The Dirty at 12:30 has won "Best Free show in Las Vegas" the the Las Vegas Review Journal, and "Best place to see a famous comedian for free" by the Las Vegas Weekly. He has access to promote in Las Vegas through the radio station KOMP 92.3 locally.

Gabe also can promote our products the all the comedy outlets on IHEARTRADIO. That would give us a global presence through the IHEARTRADIO.com and the IHEARTRADIO app on phones and tablets.

Some of the shows and comedians are already featured with them.

With his 11th year of comedy as a stand up, actor and writer; Jorge is now headlining comedy clubs and colleges around the country. He has performed with comedy heavy weights such as Eddie Griffin, Carlos Mencia, Anjelah Johnson, John Pinnet, Pablo Francisco, Russell Peters, Arsenio Hall, Loni Love and Tommy Chong.

In 2011 he was casted to be the host for George Lopez’s “Lopez Tonight Party Bus Tour”, a 17-city state wide live broadcasted promotional tour for TBS Network’s “Lopez Tonight”.

Due to his dedication for the art of comedy Jorge was recently inducted into the world famous IMPROV “Wall of Fame”, one of the most difficult and highest achievements for any comedian to receive. His high energy and outrageous comedic faces are widely accepted by diverse audiences everywhere who have seen him on stage and he’s been referred to by his peers as one of the funniest acts to watch.

Jorge has been featured on TBS, Showtime, MTV, Mun2 & showcased on the STARZ Network comedy series “STAAN DUP”.

Jorge has been spinning as a DJ for over 20 years having created numerous remixes and produced several house tracks.

He is considered one of NBC/Universal’s personal DJ’s representing them throughout the country at many award shows, concerts and high profile events.

Whether you find him in a comedy club behind the microphone or a nightclub behind turntables, there seams to be no limit to the talent of this versatile performer

Joey Medina Stand Up Comedy Las Vegas Joey Medina

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- Former Professional Boxer / Former Undercover Police Officer -Award Winning Filmmaker / Won awards for Producing, Writing & Directing -Has hosted 3 morning radio shows -Starred in “The Original Latin Kings of Comedy” -Just finished writing, producing, directing and starring in his own sitcom pilot ala “Louie” pilot is called “Man of a Funny Age" Joey Medina was born and raised in the Bronx NY. He has been a comedian for 25 years. A few of his biggest comedic accomplishments include being part of the Latin Kings of Comedy and being one of the first American comedian to headline in Vietnam. He has performed alongside comedians such as Russell Peters, George Lopez, Paul Rodriguez, Cheech and Chong, Gabriel Iglesias, Carlos Mencia, DL Hugley, Kevin Hart, Craig Robinson, Chris D’eliaBefore. Before pursuing his dream of comedy he was a professional boxer and police officer. In 2017 you can expect him to be writing, producing, and directed a pilot in which he will be starring.

Cory n Chad - Smash Brothers

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Cory and Chad AKA The Smash Brothers are Identical Twins born and raised outside of East LA. Their Mother is a Mail lady and their father is a crazy Biker. They attended more than 14 schools growing up. So always being the new kid helped these two become the funny kids in school to try and make new friends. They say they are each others best friends. Even though they look alike they are really quite different. Cory is the so called "Good Twin". With his lad back style he is the calmer twin who doesnt drink and party and he keeps these two grounded. On the other hand Chad is the "Evil Twin". He is the bad boy type with his wild party stories he keeps Cory on his toes. Growing up as Identical Twins they have found ways to make it through life by either switching classes breaking up with each others girlfriends or using each others drivers licenses you never know what these two will say or do next. These guys are a must see event. If you have ever wondered what it would be like to have a twin come out and see one of LA's top comedy Duo.

Steve Mudflap McGrew Stand Up Comedy Las Vegas

Steve McGrew

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YouTube: Wrinkled Sheets

Podcast: Remasculate Podcast


Comedian Steve 'Mudflap' McGrew (the hellbent southern gent) has been featured on Comedy Central in his own half hour special. He can be heard on 24/7 Comedy and on Sirius XM radio. Mudflap has released several comedy CDs, his latest, One Sick Puppy, is now available on iTunes. He is a regular at Brad Garrett's Comedy Club, The Laugh Factory and Sin City Comedy club in Las Vegas. 

When McGrew lands on stage you can expect an instantaneously likable, high energy, and rapid fire show. His material is drawn from everyday life situations, and is a hybrid of character work, storytelling and one liner jabs to the funny bone. His “crossover” comedy style appeals to people from all walks of life, age groups, and ethnic backgrounds. 

Radio/Podcast personality/Stand up comic  

3 time CMA and Marconi winner

Listen to my podcast "Remasculate" on iTunes

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